Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Hai friends i am SWEET..

I want to be lazy each and everytime,

i love :business and being lonely,

Hate: Who cheats me,

Sucess:Till today i found any thing like that,

Failures: Everything i saw in my life

Happy days: went to marina beach at chennai for see my friends with full drinks,First time i celebrate my 21st Birthday in my native with mom and dad...

Missing in life: I fail to do first business, i fail to do job in vodafone, fail to use photoshop,travel tickets, and final chance frm other finance company i really miss that b'coz of my mental tenson,

Behaviour: Want to b silent, love every body mostly small babies,

Life style: want to live simple and got good name from all,

Sucess of happy life: Sincear and hardworking make ones life sucess.

The best advice my father gave: Work hard and don't concentrate on others.

The biggest turning point in my life: I fail to look my 1st business

My favourite life-after activity: Reading Business today and,music.

Power to me: The ability to do anything. Be a good person for others.

Most memorable experiance at business: I learn much about my near by peoples in my first business, after realising that I never do such mistakes.

Mantra for maintaining work-life balance: Keep working and do correct things only.

Best advice for others: Think that “We have a ability to do any thing , don't hope others”.

best lines of me...
"Set your goal in yours and don't concentrate on others". Compulsory sucess is certain".


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